Learn About Our Residential Programs


When it comes to saving energy, your actions matter. We’re here to help you reduce your energy use—and your costs—with incentives for everything from light bulbs to heating and cooling.


  • Energy-Efficient Lighting
    Take advantage of instant discounts on energy-efficient lighting at participating retail stores throughout our territory.

  • Refrigerator and Freezer Recycling
    Do you have an old fridge or freezer that's wasting energy and money? Learn about recycling your unit.

  • Heating and Cooling
    Learn how upgrades to your existing heating and cooling system can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs.

  • Programmable Thermostat Rebate
    Do you still have a manual thermostat in your home? Learn about our rebate for upgrading your thermostat.

  • Multifamily Properties
    Do you own or manage a multifamily property? Discover how our incentives can cover most or even all of the cost to make energy-efficient upgrades.

  • Home Efficiency Program
    Learn more about our available incentives for energy-efficient improvements - like air sealing, insulation and heating & cooling upgrades.

  • ENERGY STAR® New Homes
    Building a new home? Explore incentives available to improve the energy efficiency features of your home.

With Ameren Illinois' energy efficiency program,

'I'm saving about $300 a year on my energy costs.'
— Paul Faraci, Ameren Illinois Customer Learn How