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Business Forms Library

Program Year 9 (PY9) Forms Library

For projects completed between June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017.

General Forms

Landlord Consent Form
Large Incentive Request Form
Incentive Payment Request Form
Payment Release Authorization Form




Standard Lighting Application

HVAC/Water Heaters

Standard HVAC/Water Heater Application

Faucet Aerators and Showerheads

Standard Faucet Aerators and Showerheads

Specialty Equipment

Specialty Equipment Agriculture Application
Specialty Equipment Data Center Application
Specialty Equipment Hospitality Application
Specialty Equipment Industrial Facilities Application
Specialty Equipment Refrigeration Application

Process Steam/Steam Trap

Standard Process Steam/Steam Trap Application


Standard VFD Application

Leak Survey and Repair

Leak Survey & Repair Application


Custom Application

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study Application

Retro Commissioning

Retro Commissioning Compressed Air Project Application
Retro Commissioning Large Facilities Project Application
Retro Commissioning Industrial Refrigeration Project Application
Retro Commissioning Grocery Store Project Application
Retro Commissioning Compressed Air Service Providers
Retro Commissioning Large Facilities Service Providers
Retro Commissioning Industrial Refrigeration Service Providers
Retro Commissioning Grocery Store Service Providers

Metering & Monitoring

Metering & Monitoring Application

New Construction

New Construction Lighting Application

All other New Construction projects use the Custom Application.